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What size fishing rods will Smart Bite Light fit on?

It will fit on most standard rods. There are 4 different clip sizes to choose from: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.

Where exactly do you place the Smart Bite Light on the fishing rod?

The exact placement on the fishing rod is not critical. Adjusting the sensitivity levels allows the Smart Bite Light to be placed virtually anywhere on the rod.

What do i have to do with the Smart Bite Light when a fish is on the line?

Nothing, just turn the phone application to mute if desired.

Does the Smart Bite Light interfere with the fishing line?

No. Unlike other fishing alarms which attach to the fishing line in order to sense when a fish bites, the Smart Bite Light allows the fishing line to move freely. This innovation allows you to cast and reel in without having to manually engage or disengage the fishing alarm.

What triggers the Smart Bite Light alarm?

The Smart Bite Light is a electronic device which uses cutting edge technology to sense movement and a microprocessor decides if there is a bite or not and sends the information to your phone.

Is the Smart Bite Light water proof?




How do I install the phone application from the playstore?

The android smart phone application is free and is accessible from the Google application store, just search for Smart Bite Light and install as per the instructions.

How do I use the smart phone application?

After installing the application , open it and find the menu key (this will vary from phone to phone), and connect to the Smart Bite Light via normal Bluetooth protocols. Once a connection has been made, you will be able to adjust the settings of the smart bite light (on the settings screen) to reflect the conditions you are using it in. There is a mute and unmute button , led on off button , vibrate on/off and different alarm sounds to choose.

How do I adjust the levels of sensitivity on the smart bite light?

After the fishing rod is set, unmute the Smart Bite Light and set the level of sensitivity to that at which it doesn’t alarm too easily with the amount of wave/weather movement, levels 1-7. The Smart Phone Application will automatically try to reconnect to the Smart Bite Light for a period of time if it looses connection.

Night fishing:

Can I use the smart bite for night fishing?

Yes, it works just the same way, but with the added bonus of a clearly visible LED light that flashes when you get a bite, this enables you to turn off the audio alerts of the Smart Phone Application if so desired.

Weather Conditions:

Can I use it in the rain?

The Smart Bite Light is water resistant.

Battery and Recharging:

How long will the battery last and how do I recharge it?

The battery when it is fully charged will run for over 34 hours. It is a rechargeable li-polymer battery, and is capable of over one thousand recharges. To recharge the Smart Bite Light use the USB adaptor provided or any charging medium that has a compatible micro usb plug and provides 5 volts. For the first charge it is recommended that the device is charged overnight and thereafter charge for 4 hour.

Tips and Tricks for best results:

Leave the Smart Bite Light charging to the last possible minute before disconnecting, this will ensure maximum working time is available. Turn the LED light off if not needed, this will increase operational time by 2-3 hours. Use the Mute/Unmute buttons when retrieving or adjusting your fishing rod Always check to ensure the Smart Bite Light has not come loose after casting your fishing rod, or alternatively cast the rod before applying the Smart Bite Light

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